DCS Development Platform

Within the scope of HR Digital Transformation Strategies, our company has implemented the DCS DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM to make trainings independent of time and place.
With the DCS Development Platform;
­čôîWe embark on a pleasant learning journey by accessing a large content library on many different topics, from professional and personal development trainings to digital literacy, both on mobile and on the web.
­čôîWe can access in-house applications and trainings online or offline whenever we want.
­čôîWe can easily access the special trainings recommended according to our preferences and competencies with the support of artificial intelligence.
­čôîWe earn points and surprise rewards based on our activities on the platform with the gamification module.
­čôîDCS Development Platform, where we earn while learning and keep our motivation to learn as we earn, is keep up with the current trends in the industry, with regularly updated content.
­čôîWe offer trainings to each other. In this way, we create a development network collectively.

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