dcs online

DCS-Online is our software designed to help improve and streamline your trade and customs management. 

It helps you prepare for and take full advantage of the digitalization within customs and trade. The software builds on future-proof technology and is constant developed to match changing legislation and best practices, all of which serves as your guarantee for a compliant and lasting solution.

The results you can expect:

  • Reduce operational costs using the fast, reliable customs handling possible with DCS-Online
  • Ensure compliance thanks to the monitoring and follow-up tools
  • Make better decisions – every detail of your current performance is laid out in front of you
  • Avoid distracting errors and save valuable time thanks to better data quality
  • Speed up and facilitate collaboration across platforms using a unified integration interface

What you get with DCS-Online:

Improving and streamlining your trade and customs management, DCS consists of modular products that can help you manage the key aspects necessary for a successful operation – from strategy and planning to document and warehouse management, from monitoring and analyses to auditing and follow-up for continuous improvements.

It is a cloud-based modular customs solution with excellent on-boarding, technical helpdesk and user support. The software is scalable, horizontally and vertically, and easy to adapt to your needs. Furthermore, the software is built for integration and easy maintenance. And when you need support, the technical helpdesk is there to serve you.

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