As today’s leading company in the field of Customs Brokerage, we are preparing for the future.

With our digitalization strategy, we are taking considerable steps which will get rapid results for both our company and our customers.

Our primary objectives are to ensure the satisfaction of our current customers with the investments which we have made with our strong accumulation of knowledge, to increase the loyalty of current customers and to provide other big worldwide customers choose us.

In this journey, our strength is our Human Resources.


Our priority is our customers

Our priority is our customers

We anticipate the needs of our customers, define their needs, establish trust-based relationships with them and respond to their needs and expectations quickly.

We want to be the best

We want to be the best

While constantly improving the standards of our business, we aim to be the best and are continuously learning.

We are a good team

We are a good team

In order to achieve the business results we target, we maintain our motivation, energy and cooperation even in stressful environments.

We accelerate through agility and digital transformation

We accelerate through agility and digital transformation

We learn, apply and adapt to Business Life, Business Law, Sectoral Dynamics, Changes in International Trade, and Technology and take our business to next level.









Customs Consultants


Consultant Internes






Our company, which carries the strategies to the future, carried the digital transformation to the Human Resources processes in the new normal. Click to download our Human Resources Strategies. 


As a company that is constantly developing and moving the industry forward with an innovative vision, we believe in the development of our employees. 

DCS gathers all training and development activities under DCS Development Program.

DCS Development Program is used as a digital learning and interaction tool for our present and future objectives.

DCS Development Program, which supports both personal and occupational development, includes rich content from many different resources.

Many different skills required for our business and life skills, such as leadership, business trends, functional/technical areas, personal development, can be accessed both from computers and mobile applications.

Webinar Trainings – Lunch & Learn

It is a series of webinars that we bring together with many experts from technology, personal/professional development, family to healthy living on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month between 12:30 – 13:30.


For all our employees in line with our corporate objectives, individual goals are determined and record to the Balanced Scorecard. Therefore, it is ensured that individual performance and success are evaluated and rewarded objectively.

Young Talent Program

DCS offers job and internship opportunities to new graduates and senior students within the scope of its future vision and strategies.

The young talents who will be included in the DCS Young Talent program are evaluated through a digital platform such as General Skills, English, Video Interview, Personality Inventory, and one-to-one interviews.

Young Talents participate in training and on-the-job learning activities within the development program. In addition, they are included in process projects carried out with an agile method.

At the end of the comprehensive training program, they specialize in different departments and are supported by rotation programs.

DCS Young Sherpa Program videos;

Click here for DCS Young Sherpa Young Talent Program Participants Talk with Our Managers.
Click here for DCS Young Sherpa Young Talent Program Participants Talk.


It covers the selection and placement of candidates suitable for the basic, functional and leadership qualifications and culture of our institution.

To join our team, you can follow our posts on or fill out the 

“Career Form by clicking here”

Your resume goes through the pre-evaluation process by our recruitment team and you will be replied according to the qualifications sought for the relevant position.

You will be informed about the process our recruitment team via phone or e-mail. You can reach our recruitment team for any question.

Recruitments are made in different periods of the year.

While your resume is primarily evaluated for the position you applied for, it can also be evaluated in different positions suitable for your qualifications. 


DCS offers job opportunities for students, recent graduates and experienced candidates.

It is important that the information in your application is accurate, clear, understandable and up-to-date.






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