Distributed Ledger Technologies (Blockchain) at DCS

Starting from the early days of establishment, DCS has always been investing in emerging technologies and voluntarily participating in pilots of next generation technologies.

Blockchain was no exception and DCS has been focusing in Distributed Ledger Technologies since early years of its adoption in 2017.

DCS was immediately a part of the first pilot project ever in Turkey and contributed to the project with customs process review and automation suggestions, a key role for a DLT project as Blockchain projects require a holistic process review to eliminate unnecessary steps, those will be handled by smart contracts instead of human interaction.

The project was steered mainly by DCS from two different perspectives. One, the know-how gained on customs and international trade and two the ability to transform the know-how into digital future.

DCS holds its current position in its approach to DLT and contributes to many other initiatives to ease cross-border movement of the goods for procedures including but not limited to exports, imports, transit operations, customs warehousing, temporary admission and free zone operations.