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    Effective, Compliant and Risk-Free Customs Operations


    Alongside each Everest explorer, there is a sherpa making the climb safe. We are yours in your journey to success in the perilous and ever-changing world of cross-border trade.

    Your every transaction is a new climb that has to go perfectly safe and efficient. You can count on our professionalism, expertise and dedication to perfection to optimize your cross-border trade effectiveness and safety.

  • CAMP 6

    Independent Performance Assessment & Continuous Development


    The evolving development trends and practices include the heightened expectations of clients for more accountability, transparency and proof of the effectiveness of customs transactions. This has shifted the focus towards a more quantifiable, results based and data-driven approach to performance. With this in mind, DCS las launched a  program conducted by external, independent auditors to monitoring and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of our customs clearance operations as well as their compliance with all related laws, rules and regulations. The M&E report is sent directly from the auditors to our client. This is how, DCS shows its commitment to top level accountability and transparency.

  • CAMP 7

    Sustainability & Integrity Reporting


    DCS is committed to conducting its business activities in an honest, ethical, respectful, and professional manner. We also recognize the immensity of our responsibility in managing the integrity risks on behalf of our clients in their customs operations. DCS is also aware of the sustainability principles its clients operate under.

    You shall find all information you need for your extended enterprise integrity risk management assessment along with a highly coherent set of data for your risk management metrics and sustainability reporting obligations.


  • CAMP 8

    Client Performance Optimization Advisory


    The pursuit of perfection is the corporate mantra of DCS. In our bespoke performance report will guide you in optimizing your internal business processes to avoid unwanted delays and unnecessary costs in your foreign trade transactions.

    Let DCS-Analytics provide you with the insights you need to improve your business. Identify improvement possibilities, spot tendencies and respond to divergences.

  • CAMP 5

    Overall Customs Operations Performance Reporting


    We, at DCS, are committed to reduce your workload by giving you ready-made reports covering all aspects of your customs operations. You will spend no more time filtering data manually and you will make quicker decisions with an aligned view within the company. Our standard report package will provide you with the overview you need, delivered as reports per customer number and as consolidated reports. Add in tailor-made reports designed by DCS to get even more out of your reporting.

  • CAMP 4

    Realtime Customs Operations Performance Tracking


    In the fast spinning world of international trade, coherent data and timely access to it constitute the very basis of risk management in effective supply chain management.   With our online tools, we give our clients the possibility to monitor their performance in real-time for all individual transactions in all of the Turkish Customs.

    With the use of real-time customs operations tracking portal our clients follow up on milestones and accepted time slots to work proactively with service level agreements and deadlines, reduce costs by mitigating or avoiding delays and errors, act proactively and reduce workload with pre-breach warnings and they are able to execute their own monitoring routines.

  • CAMP 3

    Automated Customs Transactions


    DCS illuminates the value digital acceleration brings to industries. Our state of the art software, DCS-OGI (Automated Customs Transactions Software), seamlessly delivers the data all stakeholders need to minimize risk factor and optimize effectiveness in modern foreign trade. With the use of DCS-OGI, we eliminate human interaction in transferring data amongst all parties involved in customs transactions.


    Client Capacity Assessment & Onboarding


    Our onboarding process is key to our success as a company because onboarding clients represent the basis of the relationship and their first experience with the us. Although today, more of the onboarding is done automatically, the core of it remains the human connection between the account manager and the client. They work together to understand the specific business challenges, design processes and strategies that will fit the client’s needs.

    We value every business opportunity. Nonetheless, we see it not only our prerogative but a duty to conduct a compliance assessment for each prospect client to ensure that our business priorities and ethical standards match.

    The final stage of this camp is the capacity assessment where we analyze commercial, operational and digital capacities of our clients and if needs be, propose a development plan to increase their effectiveness by virtue of digitalization

  • CAMP 1

    Integration and Digitization​

    Organizations embark on digital transformation journey with the key objectives of improving operational efficiency, productivity, high standards in safety and compliance. Digital Integration plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, enabling the distribution and movement of data across diverse systems, and helping achieve digital transformational objectives. With greater usage of cloud infrastructure and cloud applications, digital integration ensures seamless connectivity across application landscape.

    At DCS, we see safe and incorruptible data flow as the core of our business and value proposition to our clients. At DCS our digital integration capability varies from the simplest ones such as excel sheet import and FTP to most elaborate technologies available such as API and Blockchain.

  • CAMP 2

    Commodity Identification and Registration


    This is the stage we complete your commodity database. All items subject to your export are categorized and cataloged under the supervision of our customs brokers.