Client Digital Integration Project

Digital Integration Project

About the Client

Schneider Electric is a multinational company based in Europe providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. It addresses homes, buildings, data centres, infrastructure and industries by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services. The company operates in more than 100 countries and has more than 135,000 employees.

About the Problem

Our customer’s failure to follow customs procedures simultaneously, inability to anticipate the processes, and the intensity of phone calls and mail traffic caused a loss of efficiency. In the accounting department, the manual recording of the matching receipts-invoices-declarations in the receipt-invoice transactions in the document follow-up prolonged the month closings and caused a waste of time.

About DCS’s Approach to the Problem

2 different project teams have been established to evaluate foreign trade transactions step by step as requested by Schneider. These teams reviewed foreign trade and accounting processes, and determined the topics to be improved. DCS stayed in constant contact with Schneider through the whole process and these project teams started the process analysis under the leadership of DCS.

About the the Solution

Customs clearance processes, which are currently meticulously followed by the DCS system, have been transferred to digital environment using programs available to Schneider. Analyses that can be used in real terms are made from the data transferred electronically. These analyses are reported to the customer as lists and presentations through the DCS system. Expenses and live performances were tracked on the same system, and a different perspective was added to our customers thanks to our visual analysis and data collation techniques. With the ZGDWEB integration established between DCS and Schneider, the most important part of our company is providing inbound (customer reference number) based automatic entries of the accounting records. The method here is the automatic entry of the incurred expenses (DCS service invoice-GVA-Receipt and sub-receipt documents) to the relevant inbound account. In this case manual registration entry is eliminated. In addition, the data entered (DCS service invoice-GVA-Receipt and sub-receipt documents) and invoices are automatically transferred to the DIM Import Cockpit for payment and price approval.

About the Result

Schneider began to monitor and manage business processes holistically, including customs clearance. In addition, Schneider now has the opportunity to make and manage the accounting processes, invoice receipt recording system and price approvals in a shorter time flawlessly. Overall, many possible errors in document traffic related to foreign trade have been eliminated and business efficiency has been increased drastically.

Client Testimonial

DCS has always been an ideal business partner for Schneider Electronics in this fast spinning World of Business. Digital solutions brought by DCS have been instrumental in optimizing our operational effectiveness. It is our expectation from DCS that they continue their proactive efforts in pioneering and leading the World of digitally empowered customs services.

İlghar Emami Back Office Operation Manager

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