DCS Success Story in OECD Report

About the Report

The “DCS Success Story” was published in the OECD 2016 regional report, as a sample case of B20 Collective Action Hub and Anti-Corruption Network at Customs.

This cross-country report on business integrity analyses measures that governments, business associations and other non-governmental organizations as well as companies take to strengthen integrity of the private sector. The review focuses on Eastern European and Central Asian countries participants of the Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ACN) and features also many examples from non-ACN OECD countries and international practices. Extensive desk research and particular country studies form the empirical basis of the study. Monitoring reports of the Istanbul Action Plan and communications on progress submitted under the Global Compact are among the principal sources. The study used also questionnaires that were completed by governments, business associations, and companies. Several consultations and seminars in September and November 2014 as well as in April 2015 served as opportunities to discuss research issues and validate preliminary findings. The majority of the report was prepared in 2015. The purpose of this review is to analyse current trends, identify good practices and develop policy recommendations on further promoting business integrity in the region. It serves as a reference point for policy reforms and reviews in this region. The report is prepared as part of the 2013-2015 Work Programme of the Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia within the OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs. It is one of three cross-country studies within the programme: prevention of corruption in the public sector, law enforcement and criminalisation of corruption, and business integrity.

About the Criteria of Evaluation

The “DCS Success Story” was evaluated and by 26 members of the OECD Anti-Corruption Network for Central Asia & Eastern Europe based on the following criteria:

  • Ethics and Compliance Program
  • Management support
  • Compliance as a whole
  • The company structure
  • Role of IT infrastructure
  • Customer relations management
  • Changing the culture

DCS’s (formerly Güler Dinamik) experience in integrity and compliance risk management was published in “Business Integrity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia”, OECD 2016 as (pages 138 and 139) “Integrity-building experience of Guler Dinamik Customs Consultancy Inc.”.

You can download a copy of the OECD's "Business Integrity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia" report here

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